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 Guide on pursuing "Military" type

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PostSubject: Guide on pursuing "Military" type   Fri Dec 17, 2010 2:57 am

there are 3 types of player

Military, Production, Hybrid

Military Guide,

start with making structures as usual,.. but when it comes to resources many military type players specialize in food production, to support the massive army your castle will hold.., 2 of lumber mill, iron mine, and quary is just fine and the rest is stockfarms.. you can get your other resources by occupying other players and plundering their resources so that you can use to upgrade your structures or help from some guildmates on market for resource.., Always remember you are the Agressive Military type,.. you must not waste a sec on recruiting armies.. every moment counts, make sure your baracks are producing soldiers non-stop as well as occupying..at a certain point its nice to have 5 baracks making soldier simultaneously..

picking tech points is a major factor in pursuing your goals and enhancing your fighting capabilities,..

"Furious combat" has to be taken first until "spy tech" appears. Once "spy tech" can be added make sure to max it to 5/5.. scouting is very imortant in occupying others.. knowing who has tons of resources can make things easy for you to find a target for plunder..

next skill to be taken is "Transporter". its mainly important to recruit transporting units to plunder enemies effectively.. produce about a 100 wargs and they can already plunder 100000 resources from defeated enemy

choosing between "Loading tech" and "archery" is optional.. if you like to mass produce axe hurlers the "maxed up archery as well.. but if enemies you occupy doesnt have much battle capability, you could lvl up "Loading tech first" to save resource and money by producing less wargs., "Rabid training" can be skipped for the mean time coz at the moment you dnt have much resources to afford doubling up resources for recruitin..,

next,..Once you spent 20 military points for leveling up your skills in shrine,.. "Cavalry Charge" must me taken immediately- to produce warg riders! warg riders are a must in all battles,.. very agile on the battle field and strong dmg.. you can skip doing wyvern riders and focus on putting tech point on "Thick Armor" strenghten your warg rider,.. At this point,. you can take "Rabid training" if you can supply the resources needed in making warg riders fast and many..

"Hunting party" and "Endurance Hunger" can be skipped too,. for a reason.. your massive stockfarm production.. the reason why in my opinion you should specialize food production is to supply your armies consumption effectively,. thus save some tech points for putting it up on more important skills..

Now you can choose whether you want to build the wyvern riders first or make your army have more hp than before..

Putting a tech points at "Airstrike" can let you recruit wyvern riders at lvl 12 barracks., and "Navigation" skill for powering up your flying units.

if you choose more hp.. maxed recuperation after learning "Cavalry charge" then "Rebirth" and up to "Medical supply..

My current amount of barracks in my castle is 5 to maintain fast recruitment in mass producting units.. power is the number 1 factor in being a military type,.. you must have a decent army to be succesful..

i will try to update this guide again and add more details and info later on.... destroyer im not good at puttin images you can edit this guide to make it more beautiful haha...

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PostSubject: Re: Guide on pursuing "Military" type   Fri Dec 17, 2010 8:56 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Guide on pursuing "Military" type   Sat Dec 18, 2010 10:34 am

Very good guide Joker, its also very informative!

Poor Moderator lol!
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PostSubject: Re: Guide on pursuing "Military" type   Sun Dec 19, 2010 11:14 pm

mine is hybrid. nice guide. it will help alot Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Guide on pursuing "Military" type   

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Guide on pursuing "Military" type
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