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 Battle/Combat Strategy (using Whelps/Owls) as shields

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Wood Axe
Wood Axe

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PostSubject: Battle/Combat Strategy (using Whelps/Owls) as shields   Wed Dec 29, 2010 10:42 am

ok here is one helpful tip grinding or killing anything without losing too many units if played right.

well it seems that attaching a file isnt workin yet so ill try to illustrate as best as i could lol.

get a gruop of your with this make up

1 whelp / owl
(any amount depending on enemy level) archer/axe hurlers
1 whelp / owl
Hero of choice
(any amount depending on enemy level) warg riders/ templars
1 whelp / Owl

this can be in any order you would like
Use the whelps/owls to act as shileds for you main killing force.
Use whelps / owls to attack first to make the target unit/units waster counter attack on it then move in yer main killing force to make the damaging hit.
then place another owl in front of your main force to act as a shield for the 2nd incoming attack or 2nd enemy unit.

Note: u can mass yer main damage force as 1 gruop and fill in the 4 remaining slots with a single owl/whelp unit too. This tactic works best on AI enemies, it can also on players but with only at minimal losses. with AI if played correctly should only let you loose the 1 pc whelp/owl units that you had in your group. You can replace owls fast and easy ..

If anyones not too clear on this tactic and would like to ask question, fell free to ask, when ever im on ^^

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Double Stone Axe
Double Stone Axe

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PostSubject: Re: Battle/Combat Strategy (using Whelps/Owls) as shields   Thu Dec 30, 2010 7:55 am

nice one bathala! ^ ^
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Battle/Combat Strategy (using Whelps/Owls) as shields
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