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 BlackBlaze- no. 1 guild Cataclysym

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Double Stone Axe
Double Stone Axe

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PostSubject: BlackBlaze- no. 1 guild Cataclysym   Thu Dec 16, 2010 10:41 pm

Congratz to us for making it to the top.. more specially to guild leader nana'slove for makin it happen..

BlackBlaze, winner of the contest "Most powerful Guild"

Let us remember these 3 guilds: BlackBlaze, Empire and Guardians. They won the top 3 guild prizes.

Server: Cataclysm

First Prize:BlackBlaze
Gold: 10000
Food: 50000
Lumber: 50000
Stone: 50000
Iron: 50000
Mana Fragment: 200

Second Prize: Empire
Gold: 5000
Food: 25000
Lumber: 25000
Stone: 25000
Iron: 25000
Mana Fragment: 100

Third Prize: Guardians
Gold: 2500
Food: 12500
Lumber: 12500
Stone: 12500
Iron: 12500
Mana Fragment: 50

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Nana's love
Stone Axe
Stone Axe

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PostSubject: Re: BlackBlaze- no. 1 guild Cataclysym   Fri Dec 17, 2010 2:09 am

I will try to let it be the top 1 on the server6
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BlackBlaze- no. 1 guild Cataclysym
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