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 World of Lordcraft Playing Guide (copied from WoL forums)

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PostSubject: World of Lordcraft Playing Guide (copied from WoL forums)   Fri Dec 17, 2010 11:51 pm

1. I am in the Alliance faction and want to join the Horde. Is it possible to reset or delete my account?
If you want to change your faction, you have to register a new account and stop playing the current one.

2. How to check my online time?
Input /time in the chat bar to see how much time you have spent online.

3. If I keep playing the game twenty four seven, can I get a bonus?
Your people won't be willing to see you get knocked up. Please rest yourself when you're tired.

1. How do I get Tech points?
You can gain more Tech Points by upgrading your scientech construction such as Royal Academy or Shine of Belief.

2. How do I develop my castle quickly?
You can upgrade your scientech construction such as Royal Academy or Shine of Belief to gain more Tech Points and spend them in Production Tech Tree as well as use speed-up magic items to accelerate your building progress.

3. I need to build a huge army. What should I do?
The Military Tech Tree can enhance your military units one way or another.

4. How can I recruit special or powerful military units?
Some powerful military units can only be recruited after you invest certain Military Tech Points and precondition building to a certain level.

1. Do I need to cost something special when building my castle?
Your engineers need some Blueprints for the design of upgrading a construction from Lv15 to Lv20.

2. 2. Is the castle I occupy from another lord the same as the previous one?
An occupied castle can't be as complete as it was. All the constructions would degrade by 1 level except for Lv1 buildings.

3. Can you tell me what do my friends and enemies' castles look like? Are they the same like mine?
Different races prefer different building styles. The material consumption of one race differs from that of another.

4. Can I get something back when I demolish a construction?
You can recycle part of the resources by demolishing a construction one level after another.

5. Do I need a building queue when demolishing a construction?
Demolishing a construction also engage one of the building queues.

6. I don't have much patience for the building. Any shortcut?
You can use all kinds of Speedup Gears to accelerate the building or demolishing progress.

1. How do I hire powerful heroes?
Upgrade your Tavern to attract more mighty heroes to rest and stay.

2. How to level-up my heroes?
Heroes earn EXP to level up through winning battles or being a castle commander.

3. Can I level-up my heroes without a fight?
Your Castle Commander hero can earn EXP from building constructions.

4. Do I have to spend more money on a higher level hero?
You have to spend more gold to keep those more experienced heroes.

5. Do heroes in WoL have different qualities?
Heroes of different qualities can be distinguished from the color of their names.

1. What happens if I stock too much food in my castle?
Overstocked resources and gold may lead to disasters if you don't use them ASAP.

2. Where do I get jewels?
Jewelries like Pearl Necklaces can be collected in wild resource spots such as Barn, Sawmill and Ore Mine etc. The more time you collect, the more opportunity you will harvest them.

Font color: -Battle-
1. Can I loot after a battle?
You can often loot trophy items after winning battles against non-player enemies.

2. If I send an army to help my ally, would my warriors consume much food in my friend's castle?
Stationing armies consume more food than what they do when they're in your castle.

3. What is the Leadership for a hero?
The Leadership of your hero determines the total Force of units he or she can command.

4. Do I have to declare war on a player before occupying his or her wild resource spots?
You don't have to declare war on a player before occupying his or her wild resource spots.

5. I want to start a sudden assault. What should I do?
A Blitz Order allows you to unleash a sudden assault against your enemy.

1. Where can I buy magic items?
Magic Shop sells all kinds of useful items.

2. How to use a magic item?
Some items are designed to use directly and some passively.

1. Must I join a guild?
A guild is more like a family. Everyone needs help sometimes.

2. How can I increase the member capacity of my guild?
You need Call-up Flag or Congregation Flag to increase the member capacity of your guild.

1. What if I keep my tax rate very high?
High tax rate results in low Morale and that slows down your population growth. Low Moral means that your castle will be occupied more easily by another player. So please adjust it discreetly.

2. How do I announce some big events to other players?
A Sound Box can spread your voice to the whole world, and the message can also be noticed by the hostile faction.

3. How many areas are there in the WoL?
The world is consisted of 11 areas and each of them shows unique geological features.
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World of Lordcraft Playing Guide (copied from WoL forums)
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